The music industry changes daily and so do artists. While we would love to provide an up-to-date roster for you to view, we legitimately can't do it. Our roster would consist of over 4000+ artists. We work with every genre and try to find the best fit for your event and budget. From electronic artists to country artists we try to find an artist that's going to make your rush event or spring show one for the books. Below are a few of the types of artists we work closely with and can provide you a little more insight on. Reach out to us to get more input on which artist might be the best fit for your event!

EDM is the scene now. We've worked with an extensive amount of electronic artists and have never seen a bad show.


Nothing like hearing your entire crowd singing along to a hit rap song. 


We love mixing things up with a little country. Who's your favorite country artist?



Cover Bands are always a plus for some events. Whether it's small or big, they never disappoint.



Kick it old school.... or new school. We love rock and pop artists. Wait until you see them perform... definitely an artist you won't regret.



Looking for a house DJ for a social or date party? We have an extensive network of affordable DJs for your event. 



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